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Welcome to the Impostor Programmer

Hi there, I'm Jonas Brandel, the founder and creator of and and their technologies. I love to solve problems and build technologies, especially ones that doesn't exist or doesn't do what is needed. Before creating PageLr and Contenator I solved problems and built technologies for Microsoft for some 18 years. Recently I've also been dabbling with teaching programming, I developed the curiculum and taught at the first CodeSpace Academy programming bootcamp for complete beginners in Malaga, Spain. If you ever feel like teaching, it is quite gratifying but _very_ difficult when you start from scratch and try to come out the other end with able programmes in a few weeks time. I also had the chance of developing and teaching courses about Modern C++ (a.k.a. C++ 11, 14, 17) and the latest in C# (6.0, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2) to experienced and seasoned developer from the industry. Although the subjects at hand was much harder, it was actualy much easier to teach. In essence we all already spoke the same language, so explaning how the new threading model works in C++ or how the new 'real' tuples in C# are really neat was so much more straight forward. ### Explaining and teaching recursion... The bootcamp and classes were all in spanish, but here is an example in english, here is my attempt to teach the concept of recursion to my students... Recursion, how to twist your brain inside out... [a brain exercise to 'get' recursive thinking](/articles/recursion_en.html) ### Are you also an impostor like me? Well, for sure sometimes it feels like it alright, so many details, framework, nuances in intricate language syntax, I'm sure you know what I mean... > Whether you call it imposter syndrome or simply your jerkbrain acting up, we all have our moments of feeling like a fake and that, someday, everyone will find out. And at it turns out, one of the professions most prone to imposter syndrome is software development. [Article by Sharon Fisher, April 20, 2016]( ![Image of Impostor Syndrome Feeling](/impostor.png)

Some fun... ported a C# matrix like console to JavaScript

Original C# code on codeproject

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